Educating the Mentally Challenged

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In partnership with Empower the Child (a New Jersey based non-profit organization) IAEF supports Prabartak, Rehabilitation Home for the Mentally Disabled children in Kolkata.  Most of the children come from homeless families or they are abandoned by their families who are unable to support them. IAEF funds the Music Therapy project to help these children improve their learning.

IAEF also supports MENTAID (Kolkata), S.C.O.R.D (Tamil Nadu), and MUNSEL School (Leh, Ladakh) to teach cognitive skills to children with mental disabilities through physiotherapy and performing arts.
New programs in providing educational support and informational resources are being planned in collaboration with several other organizations including the National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped (Hyderabad) to collaborate on developing and implementing specialized training for teachers who work with mentally challenged children.

IAEF is also planning to develop similar programs with one of the leading institutions in the area of mental and physical disabilities: Manovikas Kendra Rehabilitation Center for the Mentally Handicapped (Kolkata).

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