IAEF supports Shilpi Foundation (Cochin) and Ummeed: Child Development Center (Mumbai) for providing integrated care to children who suffer from Learning Disability, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, and Attention Deficit Disorder.  

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IAEF supports Helen Keller Institute for the Deaf & Deaf-Blind (Mumbai), a pioneer in starting services for Deafblind using the Total    Communication Approach in teaching Deaf children.  

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IAEF supports Integrated (Inclusive) education to help children with disabilities to learn along side their able-bodied peers implemented by institutions like Amar Jyoti Research and Rehabilitation Center (New Delhi).

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IAEF is partnering with Perkins School for the Blind (Boston) on the Voice and Vision project. The objective of the project is to establish a community of professionals working with disabled...

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For training teachers of Autistic children, IAEF is partnering with Ummeed (Mumbai), an institution specializing in educating children with learning disabilities, IAEF is sponsoring a teacher training program at the Hope...

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To address the acute shortage of trained teachers of special education, IAEF sponsors teachers from India to receive yearlong educational training at the internationally acclaimed Perkins School for the Blind (established...

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In partnership with Empower the Child (a New Jersey based non-profit organization) IAEF supports Prabartak, Rehabilitation Home for the Mentally Disabled children in Kolkata.  Most of the children come from homeless...

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IAEF is providing support in the use of music as a learning tool (as well as a means of physiotherapy) for children with physical handicaps (e.g., victims of polio and other...

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