Hearing-Vision Impairment (Deaf Blindness)

Hearing-Vision Impairment or DeafBlindness refers to a condition where a person suffers from both hearing and vision impairment.

Annotated links to developmental disabilities, language, speech, & hearing disabilities, organizations & institutes, psychological and behavioral disorders, and resources for special educators and parents.

Aids for Hearing-Visually Impairments

Sight & Sound

Suppliers of Ptosis spectacle, Rubber occluder for therapy, Occluding contact lenses for therapy, Pin hole contact lenses

C4F/216, Janakpuri,
New Delhi 110 058
Tel: 5599839

Sparsh Products

Manufacturers and suppliers of Popular board games adapted for the visually handicapped, Audible cricket ball, Audible flying discs, Braille alarm clock, Braille paper, Index braille printer from Sweden, Everest acoustic hood, Aria Palmtop talking computer, Columbus talking compass

151-5, Rajpur Road,
Dehradun 248 001
Tel: 135-685011, Fax: 135-651108/650944, Email:

Louis Braille Memorial Research Center

Manufacturers of Safety stylus with eraser, Notex (money handling machine), Inland/ envelope addressers, Ahuja Bhoomithi Sadhan (Geometry box), Sathee cane , Beeper (Homing device), Composite braille slate, Audible cricket ball, Audible weighing balance

Rustom Alapiwalla Complex,
124 Cotton Dept,
Cotton Green, Mumbai 400 033
Tel: 372 6748

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