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India Research & Scholarship Endowments

India Research & Scholarship Endowments are the best return on your investment in charity. You help educate mainstream America about your heritage and, in the process, give back to the institution you attended as well as to the society that contributed to your success.

The India Research & Scholarship Endowments ($25,000 each) are established at universities in the US. For each endowment, the Foundation will contribute $5,000 and sign the Establishment of Fund (EOF) with the university to sustain and administer the scholarship. The balance will be raised by the local Indian American community under the guidance of an Area Coordinator. Once established, the Fund will award an annual scholarship (approx. $1000) to a student (regardless of race, color, creed, or nationality) on the basis of the quality of the student’s research proposal relating to India or the Indian American community.

The Foundation can also facilitate you in establishing an endowment to commemorate a loved one but the endowment name must contain the word “India” in its title.

To establish an India Research & Scholarship endowment at a university in the US, please contact us.

IAEF – Atman Press School Library Project

Misunderstanding, misinformation and stereotyping of Indian Americans and their cultural heritage continue in this day and age of globalization and proliferation of mass/social media. To address this situation, IAEF in partnership with Atman Press (, publisher of award-winning books (India Unveiled and Finders Keepers?) by internationally acclaimed author Robert Arnett, donates books to schools and libraries in the US in order to combat misinformation about India’s culture and religion and to help pass on Indian culture to the second generation.

The non-profit 501 (c)(3) status of IAEF enables your contribution as a tax-deductible donation. There is no limit to the number of books that can be donated at special prices. A list of particular schools to (in lieu of school districts or geographical region where to send the books must be provided to IAEF). Bookplates bearing the names of donors are affixed inside each book. If donors indicate no preference, IAEF will select the schools that will receive the books.

To date, more than 10,000 books have been donated to schools and libraries.  For more information, contact IAEF or Atman Press.

India Unveiled Photograph Exhibits

IAEF donates sets of India Unveiled Photograph Exhibit to universities in the U.S. to be made available for public display through their Outreach Program.

The Exhibit is designed to promote global understanding by initiating and facilitating communication between students, their teachers, and society at large by providing a forum to show how we can all live together harmoniously in an inter-dependent world. It is an ideal educational tool for teaching India’s culture, religions, and ethnic heritage in the public school systems and universities through an informative and enjoyable visual experience.

Selected from the photographs taken by Robert Arnett for his internationally acclaimed book India Unveiled, the exhibit highlights the diversity and multicultural life in India. Vivid photographs enlarged, reproduced and framed to museum-quality specifications cover various geographical regions, major religions, lifestyles, and landscapes in India. Each photograph is accompanied by a miniature map of India to place it in a geographical-cultural context. In addition, the Exhibit includes 5 plaques on various topics to aid understanding of the lands and people of India: Map of India, History of India, Religious Diversity, Symbols, and Biographical Sketch of the Photographer.

To borrow the Exhibit for display in your area or to donate a set to a university in your area or your state, please contact us.

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