2016 Projects Funded (India and US)

Ekal Vidyalaya (Houston, TX) – Disadvantaged Children USA
Project Prakash Foundation (Boston) USA
The Rose International Fund for Children (Bellevue) – Disabled Children USA
Gopal Foundation(Bellevue, WA)– Persons with Disabilities USA
Atman Press (Columbus, GA) – High School Library Project USA
Aseema Charitable Trust (Mumbai) India
National Alliance for Mental Illness (Bellevue, WA) USA
MENTAID (Kolkata) India
Blind Peoples Association (Ahmedabad ) India
Perkins School for the Blind, Boston (USA) – Voice & Vision Teacher Training Project USA
Indians for Collective Action (California) – Children with Disabilities USA
Latika Roy Foundation(Dehradun) – Mentally Challenged Children India
People for Progress in India (Seattle)  USA
The Restoring Force (Gurgaon, Haryana) – Disadvantaged Persons India


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