We are so grateful for your tremendous support of the library project and appreciate the partnership very much.

We acknowledge with gratitude the receipt of cheque sent by you. Thanks for unconditional & continued support. We have expanded our reach to more prisons in Haryana & Uttar Pradesh and [need help] supporting many children now. Your invaluable support helps us in transforming many lives. You are one of them.

Amar Jyoti & Indian American Education Foundation partnership has been an exemplary association of two organizations. The IAEF initiated computer training at Amar Jyoti School by providing 10 computers for regular training in school. We were fortunate to get support for starting Chrysalis education program also with support from the IAEF for the direct benefit to the students of Amar Jyoti. The head of the organization, Dr. Prem Kumar, personally monitors all the activities and provides support for our required items. The sustainability of educational activities at Amar Jyoti in Delhi and Gwalior is basically due to a well-built partnership with IAEF.

Indian American Education Foundation has extended valuable support to Shoshit Seva Sangh (SSS) in its endevour to provide quality education to the poorest of the poor in India, the musahar (rat-eating) community of Bihar who has lived in sub-human conditions for centuries. SSS runs a fully free English medium residential school for the children of the musahar community. I extend my heartfelt thanks to those who have helped and may God bless them.

Funding support provided by IAEF for mobile repairing training for the disabled persons enabled us to train 30 youths male & females. After the training, 5 persons have started their mobile repairing shop with sizable income and 6 persons are involved in home delivery repairing on call. We have also received support for computer training for 50 youths (male & female) going on now… The vision and concept of IAEF [to empower persons with disabilities through skill-based training] is very well and has given a wide range of experience to our organization.

With IAEF support MENTAID obtained an assortment of toys for sensory stimulation and equipment to strengthen balance of the children with severe intellectual and developmental disabilities who receive quality occupational therapy; a computer which made available education in a meaningful way, using visual and auditory stimuli, interactively. The photocopier [donated by IAEF] has helped many of the young adults in the VTC learn a very useful office skills.

The BPA ( and IAEF have been partners for the past 2 decades. BPA, one of the largest NGOs in India, works with all categories of persons with disabilities and provides services on the life cycle approach. We have no words to thank IAEF for being our partner in progress and we doubt if we would have been able to raise such a lot of funds without their support. Dr. Prem Kumar [IAEF Founder/Executive Director] is a patriotic Indian, who though settled in the US, cares about the people of India and wishes to better their condition.

IAEF supports RCFC by funding the purchase of items that enhance the learning experience of the children [with Physical impairment]. Over the years, IAEF has provided the laptop, study materials, children’s books, projector and digital camera (that helped improve RCFC’s documentation). The stuff you have so generously given helps them learn new things as well as be abreast with their studies so they don’t fall behind when they rejoin school and their families.

Change their world, change yours, this changes everything.